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Frieze London 2013

Last Friday in Regent’s Park, we were suffering from Frieze eyes – dizziness induced by trying to look in all directions at once, because in all directions there’s something fantastical and attention-grabbing…

Like a gorgeous tapestry wolf, intricately textured abstract paintings, glistening ceramics or a giant shiny blue Easter egg/mortar bomb.

The temporary cure is to find the subtle and tranquil pieces and gaze for a while, like the seeming photograph of a sunlit pine forest that was actually a masterpiece drawn in charcoal, or layered empty circles of torn cartridge paper dipped in colour.

The other half of ‘we’ is a talented photographer, so we spent a while in front of the variety of prints on show. One series caught our attention – small black-and-white tableaux/still life images of collections of related objects.

Given the abysmal weather, we attempted some indoor photography along similar lines – these are my efforts with a simple little Fuji Finepix EXR (he’s got a proper camera!). The theme was ‘natural philosophy’, and the objects collected from a quick sweep round our apartment!


And in B/W –


Just for fun – a guidelines map!

There’s a confusing plethora of reporting guidelines out there, so here’s an explorer’s map to help navigate them! Tell me please if there are any I’ve missed or misplaced…


As a brief note of explanation, the ‘states’ are the main areas to which guidelines apply, and ‘cities’ are those guidelines which fit neatly into a particular area. Some guidelines or bodies are more broadly encompassing and these are written across the map. Finally, the ‘invaders’, AllTrials and RIAT (links), represent the push towards transparency in reporting clinical trials. Most of these are listed and explained on the EQUATOR network (links)

(If you would like to use this, or better still make a proper version with graphics software, do get in touch!)