Frieze London 2013

Last Friday in Regent’s Park, we were suffering from Frieze eyes – dizziness induced by trying to look in all directions at once, because in all directions there’s something fantastical and attention-grabbing…

Like a gorgeous tapestry wolf, intricately textured abstract paintings, glistening ceramics or a giant shiny blue Easter egg/mortar bomb.

The temporary cure is to find the subtle and tranquil pieces and gaze for a while, like the seeming photograph of a sunlit pine forest that was actually a masterpiece drawn in charcoal, or layered empty circles of torn cartridge paper dipped in colour.

The other half of ‘we’ is a talented photographer, so we spent a while in front of the variety of prints on show. One series caught our attention – small black-and-white tableaux/still life images of collections of related objects.

Given the abysmal weather, we attempted some indoor photography along similar lines – these are my efforts with a simple little Fuji Finepix EXR (he’s got a proper camera!). The theme was ‘natural philosophy’, and the objects collected from a quick sweep round our apartment!


And in B/W –


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